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"I heard about your product on the news about two months ago. I was able to get it at our Metro stores here in Toronto. Both the salmon and tuna are excellent and well worth the extra money. I now cannot eat the other stuff. I love your products. Keep up the good work and thanks! "
Greg, Ontario

"I happened by accident to come across your product, and was skeptical - until I opened up the handy tin, and saw the real fish within. As I savoured my first mouthful, I hopped onto Google to look you up. I am so impressed with your ethics, product and quality! I am going to rush out and grab a shopping bag full as soon as I can. Nice website too! Thank you, thank you, thank you! "
Jane, Ontario

"I'm not sure why you guys jumped into my head this morning. Just wanted to say, discovering you was one of my best food finds of the last couple of years. I was at a family reunion last weekend when a cousin quoted something I said six months ago 'After this, other tuna will taste like cat food. Just open and couple them against anything else.' So just wanted to say, I am still spreading your gospel. I honestly wish I could be altruistic, and say it was from my heart, for saving the planet, etc. The fact is it's just great tuna. You have cut out so many *expeletive deleted* steps, and corporate mashups to get the last tenth of a cent out of every can that what is left is just real WHOLE tuna. If you have read this far, and you haven't tried it. Do so. It's slightly higher priced per can in comparison, and I have to re-order from Amazon, but it's worth it. And honestly when you get it out of the can it 'fluffs up' and I swear it it looks like twice as much. I'm not a blogger. I'm not a plant. I'm not getting paid or reimbursed here. I am just 100% sold on this brand. So thanks to everyone at Raincoast. You should be proud. "
John, Facebook follower

"I love no salt! Great for restricted diets! I Love love the smoked too makes a great appetizer as does the smoked Wild Salmon! "
Judy, Facebook follower

"Hi there, I LOVE your products. I am a pescatarian and also a serious fish snob ... having been raised by a commercial fishermom, I would rather eat no fish then mediocre fish. Your boneless salmon, is the only canned salmon I will eat that I do not personally can myself. It is a wonderful product. Your tuna is also delicious! I am constantly recommending your products to anyone who will listen.

Thanks so much for your time and for providing such wonderful high quality products. "
Sincerely, Lennea Erickson

"I don't eat seafood except for an occasional tuna salad sandwich....and yours is the only brand I will buy. It's delicious and guilt free. Thank you so much! "
Michelle, Facebook follower

"Raincoast Trading is well ahead of the industry, and a shining example of what sustainable seafood lovers hope the future will someday hold: every seafood product labeled with species, origin, and the path it took to reach your plate. "
SEACHOICE, www.seachoice.org