raincoast canned seafood testimonials


Bizarre Foods America

We're so glad that you saw our segment on Bizarre Foods America! The response has been overwhelming!

While we aren't set up to sell and ship directly to customers at this time, I can offer a couple of options for seeking out and purchasing our seafood products. You can find our canned wild Pacific albacore tuna at Walmart and you can find a wider range of our products at:

You can also order our products online through:

As well, if you do currently have a favorite health food or grocery store nearby, do talk to the manager to see if they are able to bring in Raincoast products. Even if our products aren't on their shelves at the current time, they may already have agreements with one of our distributors, and this will save you the time and money in transportation.

Thanks again for watching and we hope this information is helpful. Let us know if there are any other ways that we can help!

All the best,

RainCoast Customer Service