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Raincoast has been voted #1 again!

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A New Food for You to Try


What if I told you there is a food that you can eat that provides more calcium and magnesium than milk, more protein than eggs, similar potassium to bananas and more iron than cooked spinach as well an excellent source of beneficial omega-3 fat? If that isn’t enough, what if I told you it was environmentally sustainable, portable and inexpensive? Would you give it a try?

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Savvy Insider loves our Pacific Sardines


Raincoast Trading is a leader in producing sustainable canned seafood.

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Greenpeace 2012 Canned Tuna Ranking


How does your canned tuna brand of choice stack up on sustainability? Has it committed to provide you with ocean-friendly tuna or is it failing you and our oceans?

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"The Tester" reviews our Pacific Sardines on Urban Rush


Our Chilli and Lime flavour got rave reviews! Scroll to 3min 10sec to view the clip.

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Terrific Tuna


Canned tuna doesn’t normally elicit a whole lot of excitement. Mostly, you grab it mindlessly out of the cupboard because it’s convenient for making a quick salad, sandwich or casserole that you’ve made a hundred times before.
But imagine a canned tuna that actually makes you sit up and take notice not only because it has really deep seafood flavor, but also because it is low in mercury and is caught in a sustainable way.

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Wild Salmon Salad


Check out Snacking Squirrel's delicious Wild Salmon Salad using Wild Skinless Boneless Pink Salmon from Raincoast Trading.

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Nutritionist endorses Raincoast Trading on TV show Urban Rush


Vancouver nutritionist endorses Raincoast Trading's tuna and salmon on Urban Rush TV show on Earth Day 2010.

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Oceanwise CANstruction inukshuk, REVEALED!


Unique design sculpture benefits food bank while celebrating Vancouver’s Olympic emblem and the culture of Canada’s Arctic
Today the Vancouver Aquarium revealed an enormous Inukshuk sculpture made entirely of cans of Ocean Wise recommended seafood in a display of Olympic spirit. Created by an Aquarium design team, the Ocean Wise Canstruction project will be available for viewing from now through the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. The seafood was generously donated by Raincoast Trading. Following the exhibit the canned fish will be donated to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society.

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